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Kelly Chambers, a dazzling female musician bringing beautiful, customized string music to life in Charlottesville, VA, & beyond

Whether your wedding or event is small & intimate or a large & boisterous gathering, I want to ensure that it is full of joy, fun, beauty, and music.

My name is Kelly, and I would love to be your violinist

I have been playing violin for over 25 years and stewarding this gift is a dream come true. My heart is to bring exemplary string music to your most special moments. Whatever music you have in mind for your event, I’ve got you covered, from classical, fiddle, worship, pop, contemporary, traditional wedding marches, and custom songs. I also love teaching violin, cello, and ukulele to students of all ages, so if you or someone you know is looking to learn, I would love to connect with you. I am located in Charlottesville, VA, and serve the state of Virginia and beyond. 

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